Take your career abroad

As you step in, out of the rain, you could be forgiven for dreaming of a move to sunnier climes. 

The climatic conditions in the UK are often cited as a major factor by professionals migrating abroad, weary of sporting a raincoat all year round. 

In reality, the reasons for departing these shores are often much more positive. People are chasing a dream of life-changing proportion, ready to immerse themselves in a new culture, and dive into their own foreign adventure.

Choose your destination wisely, and you could also be reassessing your work/life balance – should that be your desire. 

Previously Denholm helped an agency Planning Director swap Chorlton – a rainy suburb of Manchester – for Subiaco – a sun kissed suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The challenge for us was to move a family of 5 half way around the world. We’re delighted to say that we achieved it with minimum fuss, although we now know far more about the Australian schooling system, their real estate, and the nuances of the immigration laws than we ever thought we would.     

Moving an Art Director from Glasgow to Dubai was a simpler process – a single lady with spirit of adventure, no ties to the UK, and a love of hot temperatures – she was in post within 2 weeks of us first contacting her.

On the back of a number of successes, we have made a concerted effort in assisting candidates who desire a move abroad. Driving our ability to take our business in this direction is, quite simply, the quality of UK marketing candidates, and the regard in which they are held in other parts of the world. 

We support clients with those trickier to fill positions, in markets where quality candidates are hard to come by. Similarly, we support candidates in taking a proactive approach in relocation to a desired destination.

If you are considering swapping your scarf and gloves for shades and a sun hat, then it might be worth getting in touch with our team.



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