4 reasons why you should consider Customer Marketing

It is more pressing than ever to think of innovative and creative ways to drive rate of sale of a product in an increasingly competitive market. This objective lies within both the sales and marketing functions and is where Customer Marketing fits in. Whilst demand for high calibre customer marketing candidates has increased, these roles can be challenging to fill, due to the scarcity of skills, and also the preconception that some candidates hold.

In a nutshell, customer marketing isn't usually perceived as glamorous or ‘highbrow’ compared to consumer marketing. More often, candidates are looking for big brands, bigger budgets and owning the brand strategy, as opposed to being ‘just’ the link between consumer marketing and sales.

But customer marketing is a key component of the marketing strategy for any food or drinks business, and it is becoming even more critical as routes to market become more complex and fragmented, particularly with the rapid growth of on-line shopping, which is becoming a channel in its own right, not to mention changing shopper behaviours.

Customer marketing is a sophisticated discipline, which brings together a vast array of skills from being able to interpret insight, having strong creative judgement through to understanding the customers, as well as the shoppers.

A move into customer marketing is a savvy career choice, one that can help candidates further their career given the strong customer and commercial focus. 

Key points to consider:

  • If you’re a Brand Manager, then a move into customer marketing will allow you to gain a much stronger knowledge of the sales channels, understanding what makes your customer and the shopper tick. It’s good to take yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Your customers are the experts in their field, so sitting down with them can only be a win-win.
  • It’s the perfect way to improve commercial acumen and also understand the challenges faced by your colleagues in sales.
  • A move from sales brings synergy with channel knowledge, but allows individuals to develop their marketing knowledge, most importantly gaining a better understanding of the strategic thinking behind brand decisions.

So if board level marketing or a commercial role is your long term aim, then customer marketing and/or sales could be the edge you need. I promise you won’t look back.

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