Nicki Denholm, Founder & Chair

So how can we map our journey ahead, when we have no visibility right now on what the future will hold. The main thoughts spinning in your head right now are more likely to be focused around;

Will I still have a job in a few months’ time?

Will my current employer still be in business?

Do I really want to go back to it in any case?

I just need some income. I can’t afford to be choosy right now. Anything will do.

It is only natural for us to be anxious right now. In our darkest moments, we all feel a little scared about an uncertain future. But there is another way to deal with these fears and that is to take action and try and control the things we can control. We will all get beyond this. Some businesses will thrive, others won’t. But we must equip ourselves individually to ensure we are in the best possible shape to take advantage of the opportunities when this crisis subsides.
As it will...

Tip No. 2  |  Mapping your journey ahead

They say “what got us here won’t get us there”...
If we are looking to make a change of any sort, we need to know the starting point (see Tip No. 1), and then we need to put the road map in place.
Here are a few things to think about to help you on your way.

What are you best at doing?

List three things that make you stand out from others. We all have them, but sometimes we simply don’t notice what we’re really good at – it’s called being unconsciously competent. So take the time to get clear.

What skills have you developed?

You’ll have developed many skills along the way, but try to write down 3 specific skills that make you successful at what you do?
Perhaps start by asking your friends or colleagues – through Zoom of course!

Now consider which skills you’d like to improve, the underdeveloped skills, and write them down too.

If you want a forward-moving career we all need to keep developing our skills. Some may be ones you’ve never had the chance to develop, or some may be ones you need to simply get better at. I’d suggest there is never a better time to think about online learning and I’ll direct you to some resources in Tip No 3.

What are the things that you do currently that engage and energise you the most? And you would never want to give up.

These are the musts for any future career and you need to know and be able to articulate them clearly with specific examples to any future employer, so get used to talking about them and delighting other people with your enthusiasm!

What would I really like to do if money were no object?

We can often get stuck in the “But I need the money”.
I am not saying it’s not important, it is vital to work out what you actually need, particularly in these times, but it’s rarely the primary motivator to a career move. So another way to look at it is by thinking ahead to where you could be financially in a few years if you keep learning and moving forward.
So, allow yourself the freedom to be creative in what you’d really like to do if money were no object. Perhaps think about friends and people you know who have a great job, to get some inspiration. Or think about choices you might have made – but didn’t.
Open your mind to possibilities and just let it run free.
Leave everything on the table for now.


I can’t overestimate the importance of mindset in our career choices and career success.

"A lot of barriers to great careers are more to do with the stories we tell ourselves. So it’s important to get to grips with what’s really holding us back."

Insecurity is everywhere – no one is immune. So, be honest with yourself every time you make an assumption about why you can’t do something. The “Yes, but…...” phrase seems familiar? Notice it when it happens. A change of mindset can make a world of difference.
So, we’ve started to map out our journey and you should be able to articulate what you’re really good at and what you most enjoy doing.
You may not have all the skills right now at your fingertips – but you can learn them.
And now is the perfect time to start doing so if you can.
Importantly though, allow yourself time to just sit and reflect on the above and we’ll be back with Tip No. 3 very soon.