Consumer marketing principles that will help you build your employer brand

It’s estimated that the average adult makes around 35,000 decisions a day fuelled by our ‘always on, access all areas, try not to miss anything’ world. This limitless choice has added a level of complexity and stress, which regularly drives us to apathy – a worrying trend for brands and retailers.

But all companies should be equally concerned.

After all, deciding where to work may be a bigger decision than most and yet the same principles apply when choosing a product or an employer.


L'Oreal & Netflix consistently make top employer brand lists for their clear strategies targeting the candidate community with engaging social channels and dedicated career websites, in stark contrast to the single 'Career' page buried in the footer of a consumer site. 

What is your company doing to ensure it is first choice?

Influence the influencers – visible for all the right reasonsCapture.PNG

When a new product is launched, significant marketing budget is spent on bringing it to the attention of those most likely to buy.

We need to convince to convert and that means communicating what you do and how you’re better than the competition, in a way that’s relevant to your audience.

Show you’re not just hype – prove it

Going first is risky, which is why we often use social media to ask questions and find out what everyone else thinks. Canvassing for opinion helps us make those thousands of daily decisions faster and smarter (we hope). Companies can influence the crowd but they’ll soon be exposed if found to be lacking authenticity.

Choosing a job is now more than ever, a shared experience. As with products, companies need to work hard on positioning what they have to offer to attract candidates who are not just capable but also the best cultural fit.

Consistency to build loyalty

Delighted customers keep coming back for more. They share their great experiences and in so doing, bring those products to the attention of new audiences.

Companies often forget that employees are actually just customers, who want to work for organizations that give them kudos and make them happy. Your benefits package needs to be of value to them. Your working environment should appeal to their sensitivities. Your career structure should factor in their age ranges, aspirations and hopes for work-life balance. Get it right and you’ll always be able to attract and retain the best talent.

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