Contractors could be the answer to your post-holiday blues

What do the holidays mean to you? Loads of tinsel? Overcrowded departure lounges? A chance to slack off while the boss is away, or an absolute logistical nightmare?

The difference between those who survive the holiday period and those who thrive seems to be the attitude towards and use of freelancers and contractors.

It’s all about the attitude
Temporary solutions are ingrained in our psyche as bad things – inferior quality, patches and quick fixes that only mask the problem. They suggest change and lack of control, which often makes companies fearful of exploring short-term contracts as an employment option.

The inner monologue begins … How would I ever sell this internally? Doesn’t it take contractors so long to get up to speed that all efficiencies are lost? What if my permanent staff, worry about being replaced by the “hired help”?

Before ruling it out based purely on the weaknesses and threats, you should also consider the strengths and opportunities that short-term contractors bring. After all, pop up shops and exhibitions are temporary too and many of them are so good, they have to tour the country. Perception, as ever, is key.

Interim contractors have evolved
When did you last hire a contractor? Gone are the days of spotty youths, only good for photocopying and tea making. Today’s short-term contractors have often chosen to make a career of delivering top class service this way because it suits their lifestyle. Some take contracts because their expertise has afforded them early retirement or a career break. All are professionals who can hit the ground running – their reputation depends on it.

Not only can short-term contractors fill the shoes of those taking a well-earned rest, but they can often provide solutions, ideas and a fresh perspective, which have them asked for by name when the next staffing gap appears.

It’s a win, win
Your customers get business as usual, your employees get to enjoy the holidays without the impending doom of a groaning inbox and you have the added flexibility to see new skills being applied to a job, or even a project, that needs continued attention. All this, without the usually associated stress and costs of full-time selection and recruitment. Definitely worth considering.

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