Meet our team: Agata Szymanczak

Associate Consultant

Since: March 2016

Twitter: @agata_denholm 

Instagram: Gin&Talent

LinkedIn: Agata Szymanczak

How did you end up working at Denholm?
Denholm has a really great name out there in the recruitment world and since I was keen to make use of my marketing background and combine it with a career that would give me an opportunity to use my interpersonal skills it really was a no-brainer.
What do you enjoy most about Denholm?
While we work in a challenging, fast-paced environment we always navigate our ways using strong work ethics and an upbeat team spirit. We have great people here in Denholm - strong individuals, unique in their own ways, creating a team that works like a good old steam engine and delivers like a Mac. 
What is a career highlight?
I presented my plans for developing my very own gin category within the FMCG team to the Board of Directors. This is growing fast and my proposal was a huge success. Now, I'm in the process of establishing my position and personal brand in the ever-growing Gin industry.
Away from work, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Work is the only place I can sit still for longer than an hour. I love the Scottish outdoors so you can bump into me on a cycling path or a hiking trail. I recently discovered surfing, but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to test my skills in the cold waters of the East Coast.
Tell us something not many people know about you.
I’ve learned some Ethiopian shoulder dancing at my friend’s wedding a while ago. I don’t want to beat my drum too loud, but I’ve been told I’m pretty good.
Latest guilty pleasure?
Market research. Yeah, you heard me! Since I’m part of the FMCG team I need to make sure I know what I’m talking about, especially when we’re talking about gin.
Who is your ‘must follow’ on social?
Celeste Barber is definitely one of my favourite anti-heroines on Instagram. She re-enacts celebrities’ social media posts in the most hilarious ways. She makes me laugh. A lot!
What was the last book you read and last film/boxset watched?
I recently bought ‘Strong Is the New Pretty’ by Kate Parker (photographer), an album of images celebrating confidence and fearless authenticity, a catalogue of spirit and mischief in words and smiles, delightful in the way it affirms the fact that it’s what’s inside you that really counts… I’m still planning to give it to my niece.
What would be your advice to someone entering recruitment?
Be prepared to be a pretty much one man band. Analyse and plan ahead. Be organised and true to your admin workload, it always pays back. Bring your emotional intelligence to work, build strong relationships, network and chat a lot. Ask for recommendations. Whatever you do, don’t stay in your comfort zone and learn to trust your gut instincts. And find the area you're passionate about and go for it!
If there was one thing you want people to know about your job, what would it be?
It’s the strategic aspect of my job that really gets me out of bed in the morning. You have to think and consider your options well ahead of the time. Having a plan B or even C, if things don’t exactly go to plan, is always a good idea.

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