Diversity of thought: A different perspective

Louise Barnes, interim Chief Commerical Officer at NCTech

I’ve spent many years working with predominantly female marketing teams and yet most of my career has been in typically male-dominated sectors - Utilities, Oil & Gas and technology. This has led me to sit on leadership teams surrounded by men, sometimes as the only woman.
Yet when we achieve a balanced gender - as one D&I factor - in our group of friends, our families and our teams at work we enable everyday challenges and business opportunities to be approached from different perspectives. Women think differently to men, and bringing them together achieves a varied thought process. 
That’s what makes a gender-balanced team dynamic, exciting and challenging - for the right reasons. “Group think” where we create more of the same, results in more of the same… I encourage senior women who are willing and capable to lead to join the leadership discussion and bring diversity of thought to the table, shape the future, and role model for the current and next generation. 

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