Stop chasing the competition and focus on your vision

Over 65 million people currently inhabit the UK and we’re often led to believe that most of them are using the latest technology. However, national statistics show that our population is getting successively older, with each passing decade and almost 20% are now over 65 years – not exactly early adopters.

Everything old is new again

The truth is, that the technical revolution drives a minority of businesses. Most will never be able to keep pace, but they don’t have to. Just being more memorable than peers is often enough. The trick is putting the extraordinary into ordinary services and that takes imagination rather than IT know-how.

Where are the gaps in your industry? What could your company do that no one else does? Businesses thrive when they are in tune with their customers. We crave the new and shiny, so repurpose what you’ve got to make it fresh. 1111 Lincoln Road is a perfect example of this theory in action. Its primary function is a car park and yet it’s owner has reinvented it as creative space, which now hosts events, a pop-up restaurant and gallery.

Don’t let what you already know limit your creativity

How does your company look through your customers’ eyes? Megabus didn’t wait for a newcomer to cause disruption, like Uber in the taxi world, instead they invested in services they knew their customers valued most i.e. great wifi, online ticketing, on board facilities and a super reliable service. They used their insider knowledge to imagine what the service could be like and are now the most successful bus company in the UK.

Amplify the quirk that truly represents why you do what you do and you’ll always have a following e.g. Jimmy’s Iced coffee. Audiences need to relate to your brand personality, if they are to convert from leads to sales and happy customers to loyal advocates. Authenticity is key to building this trust and consistency keeps your audience hooked. Jimmy has now developed a sub group to his coffee drinking empire. It’s effectively a private members club for caffeine fuelled adventurers and it’s thriving.

Embrace your lack of modernity

Savile Row tailors, Harris Tweed, Bremont watches – in a digital world they shouldn’t still exist, but it seems we have a renewed reverence for all things artisan. Longevity is hard currency. It mitigates risk. It gives immediate kudos as your friends recognise the brand - quality and luxury will always out live the latest trends.

Happy workers, locally sourced ingredients and brilliant customer service both online and in store have made Five Guys the fastest growing fast food chain in the US, (with 27 stores in the UK). No magic, just good business ethics, which won’t change regardless of technical innovation.

Traditional values of respect, integrity and attention to detail are a choice every company can make. Denholm Associates have known and demonstrated this since 2002. See how we can help you.

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