Transforming your employer brand

Pre-digital, employer brand management and recruitment advertising, were often seen as the poor relations of consumer brand management and general advertising.

Compared to the work being done by marketing, HR departments spent much less time trying to figure out a compelling, creative proposition for their recruitment advertising. In fact, these essential functions rarely spoke to one another. As a result, a lot of expensive recruitment advertising was formulaic and uninspiring – packed with shots of good-looking, earnest, young people grinning and pointing at sheets of paper on desks. If you covered up the company logos, the ads instantly became generic and pointless.

The Digital Era

Much of this was swept away by the digital tide, with clients using a more cost-effective alternative to print advertising - job boards. Candidates simply clicked on the vacancy and applied directly. And the vital promotion of an organisation's employer brand was an afterthought on the corporate website as a “Careers with us” page where these smiling, well-scrubbed young people made an unconvincing reappearance.

Present company included

As companies advance and grow accustomed to social media, there's a new wave of rich content showcasing employer brands to an increasingly passive and scarce group of top candidates.

The key to a leading employer brand proposition is to bring to life a powerful and creative message that can stimulate positive conversations across both current and potential employees, and can pre-empt hard to shift preconceptions about companies whether it’s about their CSR policies, management culture, location or any other issues that prevent them from being employers of choice.

The next step

We’re in a unique position at Denholm. We have a team of consultants, all with sales and marketing backgrounds, who are talking to candidates every day about our clients’ employer brand reputations.

We're not only our clients’ ambassadors, but we've also built trusted relationships with our candidates. To achieve the most beneficial outcome for both parties we've introduced BrandBox, an employer brand toolkit that incorporates the brand experience into the recruitment process.

With a team of leading social media and creative communication specialists, we've generated a winning combination that can correct misapprehensions, make organisations magnets for the best candidates, and further reduce the overall cost of hiring.

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