Who's who in marketing today?

Do you know your Social Media Manager from your Brand Champion? Would they be more likely to work with a Virtual World Developer or a Public Happy Maker? Yes, these are real job titles, all conspiring to make the adage “it’s not what you know, but who you know”, that little bit harder to follow.

What’s in a name?

Job titles traditionally help us recognise accomplishments, with senior positions carrying more authority, compensation and benefits as a reward for years spent mastering skills or achieving qualifications.

How you appear on the org chart also provides personal validation, defining your role now and acting as a guide for future employers to assess your worth.

Like it or not, the title on your business card (some people still use them) can make or break perceptions. Would you rather be operated on by the Head of Surgery or the intern?

No man is an island

Over the last ten years, conventional roles in marketing have diversified, causing companies to rethink job titles as a way of attracting top talent. Yesterdays Chief Marketing Officers are today's Heads of Transformation and Principal Commercial Strategists. Same job, different ideas.

Another reason for job title confusion is that emerging disciplines create new roles. Expect to see adverts for a Content librarian, Community Exec and Engagement Manager – sooner rather than later.

Beware of shiny new things

While creative job titles are currently in fashion, including meaningless jargon and buzzwords can have far-reaching effects - not only confusing clients but hampering future job prospects as you struggle to define and even justify the role you played.

Who’s who in marketing today

Marketing responsibilities around customer acquisition, conversion and/or retention, used to define your role, but the new kids on the block are hybrids, blurring the lines and requiring multi-disciplined employees. For example …

1. Digital Marketer – oversees all digital initiatives, online platforms and channels for their company
2. Inbound Marketer – enables content marketing, helping customers understand and choose their brand. Works closely with marketing automation people and sales teams.
3. Digital Analyst/Customer Insights – measures results of the content strategy through Google analytics and social listening tools. Should also deliver business insights, which show ROI to the wider company.
4. Social Media Planner – develops, tracks and reports online presence, creating plans with others in marketing to provide consistency across web, blog and email platforms. 
5. Community Manager – creates and distributes content that brings people together, building a brand personality and customer perceptions. Social listening and responsiveness make this a 24/7 position, but thankfully there are tools to help.
6. Communications/Content Creator – the writers, bloggers and PR people who straddle both external (the public) and internal (other departments) audiences via tactics and outreach.

Regardless of job title, we’re all measured on what we do, so aim to continually deliver value in the services you provide. Make an impact for all the right reasons and your status is guaranteed.

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