Where should your business focus its social media efforts?

There are currently more than a billion websites worldwide – each clamouring for our attention. No wonder companies have shifted their focus to social media. It’s costs time rather than money and gives a direct line to customers, although standing out from the crowd is still a challenge. So, what’s your plan?

Choose wisely. All social channels are not created equal.

Most businesses start the year with their eyes fixed on increasing revenue by securing more customers. Some chase every new social platform, spreading themselves thinly. Those who make most impact, take the time to know their audience and the networks they’re already using, then focus their efforts there.

Where’s your community?

Humans are pack animals. We search for groups and brands that mirror our beliefs, inspire us and make us feel comfortable. To be considered, companies have to build caring, responsive online personalities and establish themselves where their customers can easily find them.

Snapchat, once the exclusive domain of the millennial (under 25’s) is now edging it’s way into mainstream. Female dominated, this instant fix of information, images and video is more time sensitive than the rest but just as addictive.

Facebook is still all about family and friends. It was the original sharing tool and the biggest users are females in their thirties. Fans don’t want to be sold to, but they do want brands to behave as friends, providing behind the scenes information, first looks and special treatment.

Twitter has a younger, more masculine vibe. It’s used for breaking news and almost real time customer service. This is also the platform where journalists and media gauge public interest, solicit opinion and find the stories that matter.

LinkedIn was traditionally a tool for job seekers and business to business networking. It has an almost equal male/female audience but skews to the fifty plus category, providing a discussion platform as well as a place to showcase your authority in an industry.

Instagram is relatively new with a big female following. It communicates in pictures and tends to attract teens to late twenties. Companies can now advertise on Instagram, but so far this hasn’t affected its popularity as a platform.

Pinterest lets you create virtual pin boards to share your world in images. This visually rich tool has fired imaginations across generations, with teens through to grandparents sharing and contributing daily.

Be authentic and watch out for the next big thing

Now that everyone with a smartphone in their pocket is able to share their experiences, your online personality has never been more important. 2015 saw tools like Periscope and Blab emerge to curb our cravings for real-time information. The year ahead promises to be just as exciting with Kik, and Peach all vying for attention – great news for individuals and a continuing challenge for company reputations.

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