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VELUX is the world's leading manufacturer of roof windows and skylights. From their Denmark HQ they cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.

They have over 75 years of heritage, they have sales and manufacturing operations in more than 35 countries, and they have 10,000 employees worldwide. This is a prestigious client with an impressive reach and history.

VELUX initially approached us to find some new Trainee Area Sales Managers. We had to fill five positions across five different locations in the UK.

Customer service is very important to the company with them insisting on training their candidates the ‘VELUX way'. By the end of the process, the prospects will be an Area Sales Manager.

VELUX were happy to consider graduates or candidates with some work experience, although they left the brief quite open. The most important criteria was culture fit and location. It was also essential that the candidates be knowledgeable about the local area.

These positions were created specifically to develop key UK areas in line with their overall group business strategy.

VELUX Values


We strive to achieve great results together

Mutual Respect

We treat others how we'd like to be treated ourselves


We work to be better every day

Local initiatives

We take action and collaborate to achieve our goals


We ensure the right effort, in the right place, at the right time


At Denholm, we firmly grasp the values and ethos of VELUX. Our Industry & Commerce team have worked in partnership with the Danish company over a number of years. This ensures that we’ll source the most suitable candidates available to best fit their culture.


We met with VELUX to get more clarity on the brief and identify exactly what their ideal candidates would be. This knowledge was invaluable in allowing us to engage with candidates in a persuasive and credible manner. Working within tight time limits in a highly competitive candidate market, the right approach to finding candidates was essential.

We used our uniquely developed talent attraction tool, Brandbox we created a bespoke VELUX BrandBox profile on our website in collaboration with the VELUX marketing team. This allowed us to showcase our client and the opportunities available to our candidates, followers and connections from all over the UK from which we could begin to build a talent bank of candidates. We used Twitter and Linkedln to further identify passive candidates, as well as our own CRM database. A short campaign on a national job board bolstered our search even further.


All candidates were screened before progressing to the interview stage with our consultants. We assessed their culture fit, aspirations and motivations, as well as technical skills relevant to the role. Then, we shortlisted the twenty successful candidates to go on to telephone interviews by VELUX.

We provided a full interview screening report for each candidate which covered salary, location, what they could bring to the role and why they wanted to work for VELUX. From the short list, twelve candidates were selected for group assessment interviews at the VELUX head office in Glenrothes.


Out of the eleven candidates (unfortunately one had to pull out for personal reasons) that attended the group assessment day, all roles were offered and accepted. The new recruits matched fit in with the culture and they performed on assessment day before, ultimately, being offered a role. The overall feedback from both sides was very positive. The candidates came across as fully briefed on the role and on the VELUX brand. By the end of the process, all parties were satisfied that we had placed the best possible candidates into the roles.

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One of our most talked about clients has become the digital marketing hot shop in Scotland, with Denholm playing a pivotal role in developing their roster of talent.

From the beginning, the client wanted to be the best content marketing agency in Scotland, yet the initial brief was to hire only a Community Manager.

We were approached based on our reputation in the market as a specialist agency expert. To get the agency where they needed to be, they would need a lot of new talent.


We cultivated a strong relationship with the founder of the agency, and gained an insight into his vision for the future.

They wanted to create content that people would actually want to watch. Quality content needs a team of quality. We set out to find candidates that would deliver this goal and fit in with a certain agency culture.

We spent six months working to build a talent bank of potential candidates that would be right and made our first appointment inside the first 3 weeks. The Community Manager role being filled so early helped build trust between ourselves and the client.

We drew upon all of our professional facets: a proactive approach through advertising, headhunting, networking, recommendations, talent mapping future stars, speculative introductions, use of social media, and thinking outside of the box. This last point can throw up ‘left fielders’ or ‘wild cards’ and it takes an eye for talent to get this right.


Unfortunately, our client had no reputation in the marketplace or even a website. There were no job specs or any real understanding of the roles required. Despite all of this, and a lack of any benefits packages, added to a need for some working processes, we were still able to attract key talent to the startup.


The key to successful placements was the strong relationship between the start-up founder and Denholm. We understood the agency vision, their culture, and their clients.

We recognise the nuances of a very specific agency culture. For this particular client, it was essential to have a love of all things tech, a passion for music and a taste for craft beer. Being based in one of the thriving ends of Glasgow also gave us an insight into the kind of people who could make this agency great. Acting as brand ambassador, we were able to attract key talent regardless of a lack of website or reputation in the marketplace. We advised on job descriptions and benefits. One of our first appointments introduced effective workflow processes, increasing productivity in the team.


Denholm’s expert and trusted reputation in the agency sector meant we could represent an essentially unknown company as an exciting opportunity to star candidates with great success. Agency talent increased by 53% in the first year when we placed six candidates in as many months.

By thinking outside of the box, we had been able to capitalise on our vast network and made an introduction of a specialised freelance candidate that has resulted in a working partnership between the, at the time, new start-up and another of our more established clients. This led to further recommendations for more new clients to Denholm.

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We are a search, recruitment and employer brand consultancy that specialises in commercial marketing, sales & digital opportunities. If you'd like to find out more, please contact us today.

Edinburgh: 0131 554 6191

Glasgow: 0141 212 2727 

One of our larger clients were going through a period of transformation after several mergers.

They had just appointed a new Managing Partner to spearhead the significant growth of their Edinburgh office. Denholm won the pitch to represent this new client.

The agency began looking for a recruitment partner to help find the talent required to grow the business. This was the start of an ongoing recruitment drive that would encompass 80 roles over two years.


We met with them to get an in-depth understanding their objectives and goals. The agency presented their vision for the Edinburgh office.  This meant that we were able to act as a credible brand ambassador in a competitive candidate marketplace.

We went to work over a six month period to ensure that as an external recruiter we were working in partnership with their own internal recruitment team in Edinburgh and London.

We went to market using her own extensive networks across the UK looking for the candidates with the technical, cultural and team working requirements to fit the agency ethos.

Using a variety of search techniques, we attracted fresh talent from outside of the Scottish marketplace and recommended a mix of targeted research, direct and soft approaches within our network. Social media was key to reaching the harder to reach candidates.


Despite the global stature of this client, there were considerable challenges laid down to Denholm. Anywhere that’s had lots of redundancies and mergers will have difficulty in attracting star talent. To make things more complicated, the internal recruitment team wanted to find the candidates themselves.

Another hurdle for us to leap: the client wanted to put a number of recruitment companies on a PSL working for a lower fee. And to make Denholm really earn our fee, we weren’t allowed to use advertising as a way of attracting new talent.


Acting as brand ambassador, we told candidates about the vision and ambition of the new agency in Edinburgh. We held meetings with the internal recruitment team to promote a culture of collaboration over competition. With everyone singing from the same song sheet, we were able to build trust and respect so that everyone could work in harmony, not in dissonance. We tapped into our extensive agency candidate network that had been built up over 20 years in the sector.

We created talent pools based on skills and technical abilities that we knew were in short supply. Our established relationships meant impressive speed to market without the need to advertise using traditional job boards.

Our client was so impressed they increased the fee.


The relationship between Denholm and our new client is going strong. The feedback from candidates and client-side was excellent.

Within 4 weeks of it going live, we had placed a London candidate in a Data Director role. We drew on our specialist experience and placed a new project manager within 5 weeks of the role being advertised.

In the same process, the second shortlisted candidate was also offered a position in the project management team. And to top things off, our client created an entirely new role to hire another one of our star candidates.


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We are a search, recruitment and employer brand consultancy that specialises in commercial marketing, sales & digital opportunities. If you'd like to find out more, please contact me on 0131 554 6191 or email marisa@denholmassociates.com